Richard Paul Giles - Founder of Cenoplastic

March 19, 1964 - March 3, 2020

In Honor


Richard Paul Giles was a successful inventor and entrepreneur who holds numerous patents with several more pending and has received many awards and recognition. Mr. Giles was in the infrastructure industry for more than 20 years.

Founder of an Eco-friendly preservation and repair equipment company, Richard Giles created a way to outperform all alternative methods of pavement repair. The organization was purchased in 2011.

Mr. Giles has left a legacy of environmentally friendly infrastructure technologies and a commitment to protecting marine life.

"He was one of the most determined and passionate entrepreneurs I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He was truly an inspiration." - Joshua Halford, former colleague.

Awards and Past Recognition

The American Association Of State Highway And Transportation Officials. Recognized in 2012 by the technology implementation Group (TIG) of the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) as an Additionally Selected Technology. TIG selects technologies on yearly basis from around the country. Once selected, AASHTO will market technology on a national level to state.
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The FHWA is investigating ways to implement pavement preservation technology on a national level such as “Highways for Life”, a program similar to the AASHTO TIG. Once accepted, FHWA will market this technology to state DOTs on a national level and within the National Parks system.
Utah Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP). Identified a pavement Preservation Process as a technology of interest and is including the process in its presentations. To Utah municipalities and agencies. Presented as part of the LTAP 2011 Asphalt Conference and LTAP Road School April 2011.
Regional Transportation Commission (RTC). Incorporated a specification of Pavement Preservation Process for RTC inter-modal facilities pavement management program.
Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT). Completed a pilot program in association with Texas Transportation Institute (TTI). TxDOT is in the process of developing a specification for use of the Pavement Preservation Process for TDOT roadways.
Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). Implemented written specifications for repairing UDOT roadways with the Pavement Preservation Process. Orange Book pilot projects are being explored as part of the UDOT Pavement Preservation program.
Union Transit Authority (UTA). Pavement Preservation Process in Pavement management program for all park and ride facilities.

"The legacy that Richard has left is one of perseverance, kindness and integrity. All values that I will carry on in his honor." - Bratis Peralta, Widow & CEO of Cenoplastic.

Sea Life Benefit - Oceana

In honor of the late Richard Giles, a portion of all profits generated by Cenoplastic will be donated to the Oceana Marine Conservation Organization for the preservation of the populations and biodiversity of ocean life.

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